What is WinActor?

WinActor is a complete RPA software which helps you to accelerate business efficiently and smoothly. It records business tasks as scenarios and automates your repetitive operations. Its core technology was developed by NTT Laboratories and was commercialized by NTT-AT. It has been introduced to over 4,400 companies※ in a wide range of business sectors. (※ As of December, 2019)

WinActor will allow automation of repetitive operations on a computer without any particular programming skills. It creates abundant times, by which users can use their time for more creative tasks. Using WinActor is the simplest way to automate your business by helping burden of repetitive manual operations.

Leaving the manual work deepens the problem

WinActor is a PC-client type RPA. You can start improvement from one client PC without huge investment nor long-term development.





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