What is WinActor®?
WinActor is your partner that will improve your business process significantly in a people-centered manner.
WinActor records the operational procedures as a "scenario" and is able to iterate the same operation as many times as you require.
WinActor is a Japan-made RPA tool tracing its history to 2010 when it was developed by NTT Laboratories and commercialized by NTT-AT in January 2014 after internal use within NTT Group and functional improvement and enhancement.
As of May 2020, WinActor has been used by more than 5,000 enterprise customers encompassing multi-industry from financials, logistics, to retails.

Characteristics of WinActor
WinActor has following distinctive features and will support staffs to actively ponder by themselves and to bring about changes into their workplaces.

Consummate user-friendliness fostered by various workplaces
We always improve WinActor so that it will fit to various needs in workplaces. Such efforts have been made since its first adoption by NTT Group companies.
It will help staffs in workplace to develop or modify scenarios intuitively, even if they do not have sufficient skills or experiences in IT.

Users can edit WinActor's scenario by drag-and-drop and clicking operations on the scenario flowchart.
Library samples
These are complementary software functional blocks for easier development and editing of scenarios
400+ library samples are bundled in WinActor
Main tab
It shows flowchart of a scenario.
In the Main tab, you can change the order of process in a scenario by drag-and-drop operations
Thanks to its mouse-only operations,
anyone can develop scenarios as easy as he/she plays a game on the PC

Warm supports resolving issues in workplaces
We are delighted to introduce our trusted partners, distributed in the globe, who will gracefully help you deploy robots.
 They are ready to offer various services such as consulting for deployment, assisting scenario development, and so forth.

A tight formation for the development and sales of WinActor works effectively between Distributors, NTT Laboratories, and NTT Advanced Technology.
NTT Laboratories
Research and development of core technologies
Technologies and know-how
Productization, development, and support
Sales outsourcing
WinActor Distributors

Coping with various needs from small deployment with a single PC to larger-scale deployment
With WinActor, you can get started only with a single PC, which means no worry about huge investment or long-term development. You can easily expand your deployment on a large-scale after starting up on a small-scale.
WinActor allows you to operate and control any Windows applications on PC, such as from package software, e.g., Microsoft Office, to custom-made systems developed from scratch.
For large-scale deployment, on-premises or cloud-based management functions will assure safety and trustworthy robots' operations.

NTT's technical capabilities
WinActor exploits seven intellectual properties of NTT, all claimed in Japan.

NTT's IPs realizing WinActor
A function to enable to edit scenarios easily
by displaying the screen thumbnail in the flowchart
A function which enables to add values into the flowchart by copying them from GUI of an application when editing scenarios
A Function which enables to calibrate coordinate position for mouse click operation while viewing the image imported in advance
By using NTT's IPs, WinActor realizes as many operations,
e.g., generating and editing of operation flow, on a GUI-basis as possible.

Benefits of WinActor

Improved productivity Cost reduction
  • Enhancement of ability for data collection and improved work efficiency
  • Improved productivity and better corporate performance
  • Meeting back-office's expectations of cost reduction
Acquiring and exploiting right expertise
  • Sharing knowledge, experiences, and values
  • Collecting and absorbing individual know-how as knowledge of organization
Reforming work style Work style diversity
  • Reduction of work hours
    Improved work-life balance
  • Making efficient use of time for more creative works rather than spending it for routine works

Use cases for business

Business Case 1:
 "Data copy from files" and
"Data export from systems"
  • Automation of routine work to copy of the data from huge number of files in the same format such as payment slips and contracts to custom-made business process system
  • Automation of searching and downloading files from such business system by narrowing down conditions

Business case 2:
Collecting information from the Internet
  • Automation of large amount of operations such as the use of search engine and copying information
  • Automation of collecting and copying continuously changing information such as stock prices and weather forecast from Web sites

Business case 3:
Inputting hand-written data using OCR
  • Automation of a series of tasks such conversion of hand-written information into text data using OCR and registration of digitized data onto designated system
    * OCR is not part of WinActor and is therefore to be prepared by user