WinActor® Ver.7

Concept of WinActor Ver.7
  • In Ver.7 series, we have enhanced the concept of "People-Centered", which is the distinguishing feature of WinActor. Ver.7 will bring easiness to use WinActor for not only beginners but also for advanced programmers and it will be suitable for usage in large enterprises as well as for desktop use in the field. In this way, we are pursuing "next generation RPA" that anyone can make the best of for any purpose easily.
  • We have reviewed the software architecture with zero base thinking and completely remade it. As a result, we have realized a stress-free working environment for RPA and dramatic improvement of productivity when creating scenarios by increasing processing speed, redesigning UI (User Interface) and thoroughly improving UX (User Experience).
  • In WinActor Ver.7.1.1 released in October 2020, new "People-Centered" functions are provided such as scenario editor for advanced programmers, multilingual support for global use and audit logs for enterprise use which enables post-verification about "when" and "what" RPA did.

Fetures of WinActor Ver.7.1.1

Followings are main functions of WinActor Ver.7.1.1

Functions for improving efficiency of scenario creation

GUI Renewal

The user interface has been redesigned significantly in terms of visibility and operability

The screen mode for scenario editing can be selected from three types: "Main mode" that pursues sophistication, "Classic mode" that follows the previous version, and "Dark mode" that is comfortable for the eyes even for long-term operation.

  • Main mode
  • Classic mode
  • Dark mode

The screen layout can be customized according to user's preference thanks to "Docking window".

For advanced programmers

For advanced programmers, it is possible to develop scenarios efficiently by using a commonly used text editor. This makes it easy to compare differences between scenarios, search and replace in bulk, dramatically improving the productivity of scenario development.


Functions of acquiring table information on Web
"Table scraping library"

A table scraping library makes it easy to get table information from web pages. You can acquire the table information that spans on multiple pages and output them as a single CSV file by proceeding from one page to another.

OCR-based image matching
that recognizes the screen more accurately

In addition to the conventional image recognition function, "OCR Matching Node" is available. It enables to execute specified operations from a character string on the screen as a starting point, which have been difficult with conventional image matching technologies.

Fun and successful experience
with the renewal tutorial

In order to make you learn WinActor more enjoyable, we have redesigned the previous tutorial as "Let's make hands-on training" in a business story style. You can train yourself step by step from basics, practical and applied level by experiencing operations for scenario creation with the two characters "Mr.William Lee and Ms.Maria Rodriguez".

Function of "Favorites"

You can register Node and Library which are used frequently as Favorites. This allows you to create scenarios smoothly by avoiding to search for the nodes located deep in the folder tree.

Functions for adding and listing scenarios/Tabs

"+" has been added to the right side of scenarios and Tabs. By clicking this, a new scenario file or Tab will be added. "▼" has been added to display the scenario list. By clicking "▼" on the right edge, a list of scenarios (and Tabs) that are currently open is displayed. You can improve the efficiency of scenario creation by managing and comparing scenarios on multiple Tabs.      

Improvement of maintenance efficiency

Scenario Management
on Cloud*

It is available to upload/download scenario files by linking with WinActor Manager on Cloud (WMC)*.Uploaded scenario files are possible to be shared among WMC users.
*Only available in Japan

Audit log that allows
retrospective verification

When combined with WinActor Manager on Cloud*, WinActor will be able to save scenarios execution logs in secure cloud storage. By examining such audit logs, auditors can retrospectively verify "when" and "what" WinActor did through a series of automated business operation processes. Thus, WinActor can satisfy stringent enterprise requirements.
*Only available in Japan

Improved scenario creation productivity
and debugging efficiency

Unlike the previous version, which permits display and editing of only one scenario, the new version allows multiple scenarios to be edited simultaneously. Consequently, the user can perform copy and paste across different scenarios or create a scenario while referring to or comparing with other scenarios, leading to a dramatic improvement in productivity when creating or maintaining scenarios.

Functions that support global use

Multilingual support
for global use

In WinActor Ver.7.1.1, it is possible to switch languages (between English and Japanese) of user interface according to the executed environment for WinActor. In addition, scenarios developed in Japanese language can now be executed in another language (English) and vice versa. This function will help you to use WinActor in worldwide enterprises.

Language switching function

It is available to switch the "Language" of the UI from the menu.
* In Ver.7.1.1, English or Japanese is available to be selected as the display language.

Operating environment
Followings are operating environment about client terminals for Node-locked license and Floating license.

WinActor Ver.7.1.1

Software environment conditions
Operating system

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, Microsoft Windows Server 2016, Microsoft Windows Server 2019

Execution environment

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 or higher

Recommended Specifications

Anything FHD(1920×1080) can be shown


Sound function to make a sound in a scenario (including a speaker)
*It is not required when audio function is not used.


X86 bit or x64 bit processor with Core i3-6100 (2 cores, 3.7 GHz) or higher


3.0GB of free space or more


2.0GB or more

Tools applicable for automation by WinActor
Web browsers

Automatic recording / Automatic operation support: Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome
Automatic operation support: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox


WinActor can store the value read from an external file in a variable used in a scenario during the automatic execution of a process, or can also write the execution result in an external file on the other hand. The external file format should be CSV format or Excel format (extensions: xls, xlsx, xlsm).


In WinActor Ver.7.1.1, the scenario files created by WinActor Ver.5 and Ver.6 (extension is ums5 or ums6) can be used,
but the scenario files including the following functions cannot be executed. (It will be available in Ver.7.2)
- WinActor Note
- WinActor Eye
When a scenario file created by WinActor Ver.5 or Ver.6 is started and then saved by WinActor Ver.7.1.1, the extension of the saved file is set ums7.
Please note that the file of ums7 cannot be read by WinActor Ver.5 and WinActor Ver.6.


WinActor Ver.7.1.1 can be used at the same time on the same PC equipped with WinActor Ver.5 or Ver.6.
In the Node Locked License, WinActor Ver.5 or Ver.6 and WinActor Ver.7.1.1 can be used with one license.
In case of using both WinActor Ver.7.1.1 and WinActor Ver.5 or Ver.6 with one Node Locked license,
"License transfer work" will be required depending on the type of installer and the type of Windows OS.