The sample scenarios distributed by NTT Advanced Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") can be used by complying with the following precautions. Upon downloading the sample scenario, the user shall be deemed to have accepted these precautions.

1. The sample scenario is distributed free of charge for the purpose of making the user to understand how to use the WinActor module and the techniques for developing scenarios. Either redistribution for a fee or commercial services offering etc., using the sample scenario provided by the Company as is, is strictly prohibited.

2. The user of this sample scenario is entitled to modify and redistribute the sample scenarios, and/or the scripts, built in the sample scenario as "Script Execution" (excluding the redistribution for a fee, claimed in Clause 1). Whereas, even with such modification or redistribution, the Company shall retain the right to the sample scenarios, the scripts, and their variants.

3. The sample scenario may not work depending on the user's usage environment, and shall not be covered by the support service provided by the Company or its distributor, reseller or agency. The Company shall not be liable for any damages affecting the user or a third party in the use or distribution of the sample scenario.

4. Regardless of the distribution status or contents of the sample scenario, the terms of the software license agreement for WinActor related products shall apply to WinActor modules. In addition, scenarios that can be created by referring to the WinActor tutorial shall not be distributed, and shall be allowed to use based on the provisions of the contract referring to WinActor tutorial.

5. The rights relating to the sample scenario belong to the Company or a third party who retains such rights. In addition, the names of products or services described in the sample scenarios and related documents are cited as trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

6. The method of offering sample scenarios, contents of sample scenarios, and this precaution are subject to change without notice.